Is This Our First Gay President Of The United States ?

Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg may just be America’s first gay president. It’s not unreasonable to thank Trump for this. Trump has displayed much hate within the country since becoming president that America is willing to take anybody but him right now to lead the country. We saw what happened to the Republicans when Bush  was accused of running the country into the ground with his unjustified wars, and financial indiscretions.

White America was willing to go the extreme in taking a chance on a black man for president of the United States. After his first term, many saw Barack Obama was intelligent, respectful, efficient and understood the issues of the public. Obama was elected for a second term as a result (or maybe he was just the base choice). The push now has seemingly been set for the first gay president as Americans grow tired of President Trump’s antics. Most Americans would know Buttigieg as being the gay presidential candidate, but knowing his political stance is another thing.

The former mayor from Indiana is now the top presidential democrat in the voting race. It’s shocking seeing that Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have been dominating headlines since they entered race. Sanders, Warren and Biden are all now chasing Buttigieg for enough votes to run against Trump. Trump’s unfiltered mouth should he go up against Buttigieg will surely give Buttigieg that prized seat. The gay community, and their sympathizers said to be an unforgiving bunch will surely see Buttiegieg as the victor.

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