John McCain’s Daughter Pleads With Republicans To Help Remove Trump From As President

Megan McCain

The late John McCain’s daughter, Megan McCain is in shock at the take-over that occurred at Capital Hill by Trump supporters. Windows were broken, lives were lost, and the Capital was over-run. That was enough for McCain- so much so that she is calling on powerful political Republicans to step up to the plate and do what is right, invoke the 25th amendment to remove President Trump from power.

Why? well, the days leading up to January 6th where President-elect Joe Biden’s certification as the next president Trump made no secrets about making the procedure a living hell. The President tweeted out to his supporters, stop the steal, falsely saying the 2020 presidential election as stolen from him.

Trump then green lit his supporters to go to the Capital to “demonstrate” against Congress certifying Biden’s win to be the next president. The president’s Supporters came out in the thousands over-running Capital Hill, breaking windows and entering  and trashing offices. Hundreds of police and security at the Capital were outnumbered as protesters raided the place. Politicians were barricaded away in a secure location. A Capital Hill officer reportedly fatally shot a 35 years old woman in her chest.

One lone officer was seen on video backing up and running away from protesters. The moment was a complete embarrassment in U.S. history.  Megan McCain speaking on the view went in hard on her disgust in what Americans are doing to their own country. The daughter of the late senator of Arizona also railed into Trump for inciting violence chaos and violence on the nation….

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