Kanye West Didn’t Spend $6 Million Of His Own Money On Losing Presidential Race For You

Kanye West

Kanye West is not as stupid as you al think. Don’t make his crazy talking fool you. Headlines are stating that Kanye spent $6 million dollars of his own money on his presidential race maybe true, but its not all for nothing. Kanye digging deep into his pocket to pay for his own presidential bid, and a losing one to that is just not believable.

Remember, this is the same Kanye who took government financial assistance into the millions said to be $3 million to keep his personal business afloat as COVID-19 surged on. Now, months later, Kanye West is dolling out almost $6 million($5.85 million) of his own money to run for president. Just doesn’t add up.

The rapper is also now saying months later into COVID-19 that he is now worth $5 billion dollars. That is difficult to believe. One thing that we do believe is that Kanye loves attention, and apparently will go to the extreme to get it. It’s easy to believe that the rapper is worth more than $10 million, but $5 billion? We would have to see the documentations for ourselves. Kanye has long held all the tendencies of a narcissist, and this doesn’t work well for him whenever he speaks. All that he says must be verified.

Kanye 5 billion tweet


It’s quite amazing how Kanye gets relgion and money entwined. The rapper has no chance of being elected selected as president in 2020, but he is still playing in the political race and dropping millions of his own money. Kanye would have you all believe that he cares about their well-being so much that he would “spend his hard earn money” to run for president.

The reality is: Kanye’s almost $6 million donation to his presidential bid will help him come tax time. People such as Kanye with that kind of financial pull are known to pay in the millions come tax time. The rapper’s millions in donation would only benefit him at tax time. It is not uncommon to see the wealthy pulling a chess move in preparation to lessen the amount of money leaving their pockets come tax season.