Michael Cohen Claims Paying $50,000 To Rig Polls

michael cohen in interview speaking about donald trump

Michael Cohen, 52 claims to rigging polls with $50,000 payment. The former lawyer and fixer for anything that is a problem for Donald Trump could not be convinced of how important the polls are for his client in securing the White House as President. In reality, it appears that Cohen was playing us all along. The former worshiper of Trump claims to have paid $50,000 to an effort to rig online polls stating at the direction of then candidate Donald Trump for the 2016 Presidential election.

According to John Gauger, Cohen never paid $50,000 as was agreed he would pay to Gauger’s tech company, Redfinch to alter the polls in Trump’s favor- but rather Cohen just paid $12,000. Cohen is already being labelled as a thief while at the same time Cohen’s reporting that he rigged the election with monies from Trump at Trump’s direction would also make Trump a thief as well.

Gauger claims that he showed up to Trump Tower to collect $50,000 to do the dirty work of toying with the polls in Trump’s favor saying $50,000 was not given to him, but rather $12,000. Gauger says that $12,000 in cash sitting in a walmart bag with a boxing glove worn by a professional athlete was given to him as payment for rigging online polls.

Cohen denied Gauger’s claims saying that all monies paid to Gauger was by check. It’s become a back and forth of he said, he said of how much money was actually paid, but one thing agreed on is the rigging of online polling took place.

Cohen defending his claims of having handed over the complete $50,000 given to him by Trump is a must as the Trump team would stick the name to him as a thief. It’s all so bad, but at the same time humorous- in a previous CNN interview- Cohen made it like he nor the Trump campaign cared about polls and their purpose…watch him below..