Nation Of Islam Banned On Twitter Over “Misinformation” On COVID-19 Vaccine


Freedom of speech comes with limitations, and apparently there are still naïve personnel believing freedom of speech is a legitimate thing. Look no further than social media giants such as Facebook, and Twitter to know that voicing your opinion in its entirety will not be tolerated.

The Nation Of Islam(NOI) has been a thorn in the movement of the mainstream media, and social media giant websites’ alliance with the government in pushing the COVID-19 vaccine onto the public as being good for everyone. NOI has consistently been clear in their voicing against the COVID-19 vaccine. NOI leader, Louis Farrakhan questions the incentives being offered for an individual to take the vaccine while slamming the experimental shots. He  goes:

You notice they’re offering you money now? This devil…offers you $1,000 or $1,500 to take a shot. They give you free shots of toxic waste.

From Sandra Rose:

NOI’s Rizza Islam was targeted by the White House as one of 12 social media accounts behind 65% of the vaccine misinformation online.

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