Oprah’s Long Time Partner Stedman Graham Says Barack Obama Owes His Presidency To Oprah

Oprah's boyfriend Stedman Graham

Oprah Winfrey’s long-time partner, Stedman Graham just stole Barack Obama’s thunder in all the hard work of campaigning he did to win the 2008 Presidential Election as the first black president in America. Oprah’s main squeeze for decades came straight out and said that Oprah is the main reason why Obama won the presidency to the White House.

We don’t know Obama, but we wouldn’t be surprise if he is having a head twist at Stedman comments. The last time we checked Obama was no mute. Yes, Oprah’s support of Obama for president in 2008 surely added to more votes for Obama, but his right out victory…come on Stedman!

Oprah’s cushion clearly forgot that many African Americans, and whites were highly motivated and interested in voting for a black president. And at that, a black man that is articulate, and connected well with the mass on issues and personality turbulence in life.

Obama was the inspiration many Americans saw and believed in and that contributed highly to his election as the first African American president. Not solely Oprah. Referring to Barack Obama, Stedman with no prompting said this of Oprah’s support for Obama:

He was president of the United States because of her.

We don’t see how Obama wouldn’t take Stedman’s comments as insult. We certainly would. Again, it’s not look Obama was a stooge. You can only help someone so far. It’s the person who puts in the work to convince others that they are right for the job. Just ask Hillary Clinton who lost to Trump.

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