President Donald Trump Selects Tiger Woods For Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Tiger Woods and Donald Trump at White House

Yes, that happened. Tiger Woods was selected for The Presidential Medal Of Freedom by his business partner buddy, President Donald Trump. The Presidential Medal Of Freedom is the highest honor that is given to a civilian. Individuals selected for the Presidential Medal of Freedom is done so because of their contribution to the national security interest. Significant public or private accomplishments also places an individual to the highest honor of the nation by POTUS. The Presidential Medal Of Freedom is typically given to courageous individuals who has impacted the lives of others.

President Trump selected Tiger Woods for the Presidential Medal Of Freedom after his historic win at the Masters. Woods is now ranked number 6th in the world. Woods lost his ranking as the top ranking golfer in the world. He was no longer discussed as one of the top ranking golfers in the world after that cheating scandal. Woods faced a divorce with his then wife, and personal injuries related to golfing. As a result- he lost his ranking as one of the best golfers in the world.

Woods of late has entered the winning circle again. Woods triumph in his golfing career was enough for him for Trump to give him The Presidential Medal Of Freedom. The outrage began, and some laughed in awe at Woods being given the highest honor by President Trump. The situation smells for everyone on Trump’s actions.

There is the talk of what Woods did for the nation as a whole that is positive. What did he do that is courageous. What did he do that was heroic. Many athletes can question where their Presidential Medal Of Honor is if this is based on career accomplishments. Trump providing Woods with The Presidential Medal Of Freedom appeared liked a friend doing a favor for another friend. Trump didn’t care what the country thought and neither did Woods. Woods went and got his reward and shed some tears. He thanked his momma, and his buddy, President Trump.

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