Pete Buttigieg Cancels His Campaign

Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg cancelled his campaign. The first openly gay presidential candidate to have been included in a small pack of presidential hopefuls to lead the country has come to terms with reality. 38 years old Buttigieg just weeks after leading the pack of Democratic candidates for president in now throwing in the towel. Buttigieg in a speech to his supporters said:

The truth is that the path has narrowed to a close,” Buttigieg told a crowd in his hometown of South Bend, Ind., after an introduction by his husband Chasten. “We have a responsibility to consider the effect of remaining in this race any further.

Buttigieg seemingly speaking to those in same-sex relationships and the LGBTQ community said:

We sent a message to every kid out there, wondering if whatever marks them out as different, means they are somehow destined to be less than, to see that someone who once felt that exact same way can become a leading presidential candidate with his husband at his side.

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