President Barack Obama Rails Into Trump In DNC Speech

Barack Obama DNC Speech

Former President Barack Obama got his opportunity to rail into current President Donald Trump, and his policies. It was a long time coming for Obama who has mostly been quiet since Trump took the keys to the White House. However, Trump has had difficulty in keeping Obama’s name out his mouth.

The negative slamming of Obama’s job performance over the years by Trump has been consistent. Even in unrelated topics, Trump finds a way to inject Obama’s name into a conversation negatively. Obama last night fighting for Joe Biden to be President Of The United States, made his case clear. Obama stuck it to Trump in his DNC speech for Biden. Obama made it clear that Trump is incompetent as president, and that he is good for telling lies to the American people.

As president, trust is important to the mass, and Obama calling out Trump for his dishonesty and whispers happening among Americans regarding this is not a good look for Trump. Trump is clearly affected when Obama speaks. Instead of going after his political opponent for the White House- Trump targets Obama on Twitter saying:

Trump attack on Obama