President Donald Trump Acquitted In Impeachment Trial By All Republicans Except One

President Donald Trump can keep his job. Trump was acquitted by his Republican party for two articles of impeachment. The one Republican who was left on a lone island by himself in finding Trump guilty was Senator Mitt Romney. An emotional Romney cited his own faith and truth in finding Trump guilty. The way in which the impeachment trial was one was surprise of Trump’s acquittal by his party.

One thing both the Democrats and Republicans agreed on was that the President of the United States is not above the law. He is to be held accountable to the law just like every citizen in the country they said. The everyday working person from employees to supervisors to managers and chief executive officers are held to account for their actions. Unethical actions and un-professionalism in the working environment are grounds for immediate termination of an individual.

Why would Trump get any special treatment on this. Especially seeing that he is serving the highest office of the land. The standards should be even higher. Right? Republicans voting for Trump’s acquittal displayed what they stood for.

Romney, the only Republican who found Trump guilty for his actions in a quid pro quo said he is ready for political blow back. Romney’s job is now on the line of not being voted back as Senator. The Senator is rich many times over. So, being unemployed will not send Romney to the unemployment office. Romney’s vote placed him in the history books in an impeachment trial that should be have been partisan for the Republicans. All Democrats voted in Trump being guilty, and all Republicans except Romney voted Trump as innocent.

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