Reports: Kanye West Ready To Spend $500,000 Of His Own Money For Name On Ballot

Kanye West
The belief is that Kanye entered the 2020 Presidential race fully knowing that he would NEVER be elected as president by Americans. The long belief is that Kanye entered the 2020 presidential race only to cause chaos for Democratic Nominee, Joe Biden. The thought is that Kanye is just in the race to help Trump win reelection by scraping off the black votes from Biden.

Well, if you ask us- Kanye is also in the race for himself. What is that reason you ask? Ego. Kanye has been having difficulty in getting his name on ballots, and the latest one- the ballot in Arizona. So, now its said that the emotionally disturbed rapper is willing to pay $500,000 seemingly for bragging rights to just have his name on the ballot in Arizona.

This would speaking volumes about who Kanye is in a negative manner should he actually spend $500,000 on a lost political run. $500,000 would certainly go a long way in an urban community riddled with violence and poverty. $500,000 would even be a useful tool to help many in the urban community with secondary education. Kanye says he is a genius, but his ignorant actions of what is going on around him are far from that. From TMZ:

we’re told the 3rd-party petitioning group Ye has hired to gather signatures, Let the Voters Decide, is sending upwards of 100 people into the Copper State over the next week to try and gather 37,769 names … the required number to get in.

Our sources say petitioners on the ground are getting paid $8 for every signature collected, so if you do the math … that adds up quick. Ye’s got money to blow though, obviously. Fact is … Kanye needs Arizona considering he’s been booted off nearly as many ballots he’s on.