Reports: Trump Pardoning List May Include Lil Wayne

Trump lil wayne

That photo with Trump- and his support for the President may have paid off for Lil Wayne in not serving one day in prison for that 2019 situation. Lil Wayne shocked many when he stood in photo with Trump as a head nod in support of Trump getting a second term as President. The rapper’s support didn’t help Trump to victory.

Trump however who focuses much on loyalty is expected to do that favor of a pardon for Lil Wayne. You might recall when Lil Wayne’s private jet was raided by government agents back in 2019. A loaded gun reportedly was found along with opioids and cocaine. Wayne plead guilty to the charges, and is looking at 10 years behind bar.

The pardoning of convicted criminals or those facing criminal conviction is actually one of the normal¬† acts which Trump is engaging in as president. But, it’s the people who have been convicted and believed to be inclusion of criminal acts with Trump that has many spinning their heads. Its believed Trump’s slew of pardons was him displaying his gratitude for those who refused to squeal on him.

Loving Trump too, and talking every so loudly in praising him may also get you out of prison if you are serving time. Rapper Kodak Black knows that very well, and has apparently shown his loyalty to Trump. The rapper’s lawyers reportedly has sent in a request to Trump for a pardon as well. The troublesome rapper can expect to sit in prison until 2022 should Trump not grant him a pardon.