Senator Kamala Harris Punches Her Card For 2020 Run

senator kamala harris

Senator Kamala Harris will run for the 2020 presidential election. Harris is not enough the beat President Donald Trump in a re-election campaign, but she is still being sent into the lions den. The California senator will require more than enthusiasm to beat Presidential Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential race. Senator Kamala Harris announcing her run for president in 2020 said this on “Good Morning America” to a surprised audience:

I am running for president. This is a moment and time I feel a sense of responsibility to stand up and fight for the best who we are.

The 54 year old senator is in a field of the unexpected with no rules nor boundaries. We see Trump cutting down Senator Kamala Harris the same way he bites down on his burgers with ease. Trump has no filter. We expect him to launch insults relentlessly at Harris ranging from “she is a loser,” and “her being pathetic and not being smart enough.” How fast will Harris break down of Trump’s insults? We wonder. Trump insults everyone that is against him, but appears to strike at the heart of women.

The California senator doesn’t have the bite it takes to fight a tiger like Trump. The once attorney general of California turned senator has entered the big leagues of politics now. May the digging into her personal life begin along with insults flying into her direction. The Oakland born senator appears ready to go but is she truly ready. Senator Kamala Harris is the daughter of Indian mother and a Jamaican father. Harris slogan is “For The People.” Wonder what Cardi B has to say about all this.