Shocking As Americans Deny Biden A Blowout Victory After Four Years Of Trump’s Hate Speeches, Racism And Lies


This 2020 presidential election has sadly taught us that half of Americans are okay with lies, cheating, racism, discrimination and bullying. What does it say about the state of America when there is a president that has displayed hate, ignorance, arrogance, and has lied many times over to the direction of the country- and Americans refuse to show overwhelming dismay come election day. Lets also not forget the Coronavirus outbreak Trump downplayed to the public- and mismanaged. The lies, ignorance and incompetence by this president has caused a surge in COVID cases, and mounting deaths of over 230,000 Americans and counting.

It is shocking, absolutely SHOCKING  that any American would see Trump as being fit to run the country. It is quite scary. Scary that so many Americans can be so dense to not want a better life by having someone at least half decent in the White House. Four years of Trump granting pardons to his political buddies, tear gassing peaceful protesters, and called neo Nazis very fine people.

Still no word yet on who Americans have selected as president, but the votes have swinging more to Biden in what is being called a tight presidential race.  Trump being in the lead in voting as votes are still being counted stepped from his room to say this to his supporters:

We want all voting to stop, we don’t want them to find any ballots at 4 o’clock in the morning and add them to the list. It’s a very sad moment. We will win this, and as far as I’m concerned we already have won.