Trump On Election Battle Against Biden: “He Is Going To Be President Because Some People Don’t Love Me, Maybe

Biden and Trump

President Donald Trump appears to be throwing in the towel in his race against Joe Biden. Trump known for calling anyone that goes up against him a loser surprising revealed to Fox News that Biden will be the next president- because some Americans don’t love him.

Trump still refuses to admit what is clear in that he is not listening to what the majority of what Americans want. Respect, care, and honesty. Any idiot would know that honesty is not the best attribute in a politician. Especially that of a sitting president, but they will also tell you they believe some stuff the president says. Unfortunately for Trump- this cannot be said by most Americans. Trump is viewed by many Americans as a liar, incompetent, disrespectful, racist, and heartless.

A horrible combination of qualities to have if you want to be a leader of a nation. Despite seeing much of this the first time round as he ran for President- many Americans ignored their intuition.  Many thought that as a non-politician and as a businessman entering the arena of politics that things would be different. Many thought America would surge to success under Trump. Instead, racism has increased. Hate has increased and not much impact of positivity has been felt from Trump being in the White House.

Americans now appear to have seen all they need to see of Trump in action as the President of the United States. It appears that Trump knows it will be difficult this time round in having Americans vote for him. Biden may not have to worry about taking Trump from the White House by military force. Here is what the President said on if he doesn’t win this November:

“Certainly if I don’t win, I don’t win. I mean, you know, go on and do other things,” Trump told Fox News Channel in a television interview broadcast on Friday.