Toronto Raptors Win Game 4 Leaving Them With One Game Left For First Ever NBA Championship

The Toronto Raptors win in game 4 of the NBA Finals was a demand for respect last night. The Raptors showed that they didn’t give a damn about no Klay Thompson returning. The Raptors went into the Golden State Warriors domain, battled hard and came out with two wins in their house. The Raptors have been the underdog in their first ever NBA Finals, and their match-up against the Warriors. The Warriors displayed consistent levels of disrespect to the Raptors along with many sports analysis. The Raptors were called a weak team in comparison to the Warriors. Many also said they lacked NBA Finals experience to know what it takes and how to overcome to win the NBA Finals, but here they are.

Leading 3-1 in the NBA Finals and just one win away from their first NBA championship. The Warriors must now win 3 games straight against the Raptors to win their 4th NBA championship. The Warriors has not given the Raptors the respect they deserve. Instead after every loss to the Raptors- the Warriors cry foul saying that they have an injured roster.

Stephen Curry once whined saying that with Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant out, they lost 50 points they could have received from them being in the game. The Raptors drove game 4 like a car they knew from the back of their hands. As things got out of control with the Warriors being up by 12 at several points in the game-the Raptors held firm on the wheel, steering strongly in the right direction of a win. The Warriors unknowingly is giving the Raptors the fuel they need to prove their will in pounding them every chance they get as long as they essentially call them scrubs in comparison to them.