Warriors Blame Lost To Raptors Over Star Players Being Injured

The Toronto Raptors won game 3 last night against the Golden State Warriors. However, they are still lacking respect. That lack of respect goes to the Warriors and Steven A. Smith. Excuses after excuses are being made by the Warriors mentioning the injuries they have endured making it difficult for them to capitalize on wins. Steven A. Smith co-signs the Warriors complaints. The ESPN sports analysis is saying that the Raptors would be done if Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant return from their injuries.

This is highly disrespectful to the Raptors. There is no recognition that the Raptors are just a good team. The Raptors are not the Portland Trailblazers. Steven A. Smith selected the Milwaukee Bucks to beat the Raptors that would have resulted in the Bucks facing the Warriors.If the Raptors were not good enough to beat the Bucks as Smith once mentioned- then why are the Warriors not sweeping the Raptors. Yes, we get it. The Warriors don’t have their dozen all star players.

The Warriors are crying for their additional star players, Durant, and Thompson who are injured to return believing this will seal a championship win for them. No respect is given to the Raptors that they would have the antidote to stop Durant and Thompson. No respect is given to Pascal Siakam that he is a good defender. The Warriors is a superpower team with Curry and the remaining star players. We notice the Warriors never mention Kwahi Leonard playing injured.

There is no mention of the Raptors scoring are mainly made up of role players not all star players and pending NBA legends as the Warriors have. The Warriors are crying foul because they lost two of their all star players is just sad of a team that already and still maintains a power house of players. The talk was that oh, it’s just regular season- playoff time, things are different is what was said when the Raptors dominated the Warriors during the regular season match-ups.

Now the Raptors are leading in the NBA Finals match-up against the Warriors and another excuse is being made for the Warriors losing to the Raptors. Stephen Curry said the Raptors were disrespectful when the Raptors left Andre Iguodala open for a wide open three pointer in game 2 which Iguodala drained. But, then Curry turned around and thought by racking up 47 points that he could single-handlily beat the entire Raptors team alone.Is that not disrespectful as well ?Draymond Green not realizing that the Raptors are the underdog in this NBA Finals match-up said this:

No one cares that guys are hurt. Everybody wants to see us lose.So, I’m sure people are happy they hurt. We just gotta continue to battle. Win the next game. Go back to Toronto. Win game 5. Come back to Oracle…win game 6 and then celebrate. Fun times ahead.

Curry said this in a press conference after the Warriors loss to the Raptors that the Warriors loss 50 points from their star players being injured.

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