Ben Stiller’s Father, Jerry Stiller Dies At 92 Years Old Of Natural Causes

Ben Stiller Father tribute

Comedian Ben Stiller’s comedic actor who was also an actor in his own right has died. You might remember Stiller’s father Jerry Stiller from his appearances on the once highly popular daytime show, Seinfeld. Many may also remember Stiller from the show, King Of Queens.

The star of King Of Queens, Kevin James as he prepped to star in his own right approached Stiller to star as his dad in King O Queens. Stiller recalls being persuaded by James to join him in the launch of his show at the time saying:

“He literally begged me to be in this show. He kissed me. He hugged me. He said, ‘I can’t do it without you,”‘¬†Stiller said during the show’s final season. I’m susceptible to praise.”

And, how good that much have felt to be liked so much, and one telling you that they will not take a huge venture in their life without you. That is one of the things which makes one know they are truly cherished. Naturally, today when we here of the death of someone we think COVID-19.

Jerry Stiller though did not endure that fate. The 92 years old actor died of natural causes. Jerry Stiller’s wife, Anne Meara of over 60 years passed away in 2015. The actor is now survived by his grandchildren and his several kids he bread.