Deebo Character, Tommy Lister From “Friday” Movie Franchise Dead At 62

Tommy Lister

Tommy Lister whom became well known to many of us from the Friday movie franchise has passed away at the age of 62 years old. Lister also made a dent in the WWE where he played a bad by the name of Zeus. No cause of death is not yet known, but floating rumors has list natural causes as the conclusion.

Reportedly, Lister was found dead in his apartment by police after friends and business associates grew worried due to not hearing since Wednesday night. With this crazy pandemic going on…one cannot help but wonder if Lister was battling COVID-19- and had no idea he had it. So odd that he would just past away just like that at his age without any warning bells or was there a warning bell.

Why would friends and business associates ask authorities to do a welfare check on Lister after just one day of them not being able to get to him? Could Lister have told them he was not feeling well- and then they became worried when their calls where not answered? Some things to think about.

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