Keyshia Cole’s Mother: Frankie Lons Dead Of Drug Overdose

Frankie Lons

Its been years of reported drug addiction for Keyshia Cole’s mother, and the alleged struggle with those demons came to an end on her birthday. Frankie Lons according to her son died on her birthday after taking drugs as she celebrated the big day she entered the world. Frankie fought hard over the years with her battle with drug addiction, but in the end clearly just could not win the battle against the no purpose foundation to the body.

Frankie who is Keyshia’s biological mother gave up the singer for adoption at a young stage in her life. Years later in life Keyshia connected with her mother, but looking on the outside- it often appear that Keyshia was the mother. The singer spent much time trying to reconnect with her mother, and assisting to help her kick her drug addiction. Besides her well-known drug addiction, Frankie had her fair share of other family drama, which played out on national television:

Death by a reckless lifestyle ironically is what Keyshia warned her mother of, but Frankie never displayed fear of that outcome should she key walking that dangerous path.

Frankie Lons was 61years old, and was reportedly working hard on staying clean- but ended up relapsing.

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