Michael K. Williams Dead Of Suspected Drug Overdose

Michael K Williams

It was just months ago that Michael Kenneth Williams was giving a tribute to the late DMX whose death reportedly resulted from the start of drug overdose. Oxygen levels to DMX’s brain was lacking for sometime from his alleged overdose- which led to the deterioration on the rapper’s organs while he was in the hospital. Ultimately resulting in his death.

Now, months later the news of Michael K. Williams’ death is also reported of a drug overdose is chilling. Williams nephew who hadn’t heard from the 54 years old actor in some days went over to his Brooklyn Penthouse pad to check on him. This is where it is said Williams was found dead in the living-room.

Drug paraphernalia allegedly was also seen close by the actors body leading to the belief he had overdosed. As mentioned earlier, it is a chilling effect of The Wire’s star similar departure as DMX from us. Williams’ powerful tribute to DMX(at the 2:00 minute mark below) would have one to doubt Williams’ life would end the same way.

Besides being on The Wire where he was just starting to really shine…Williams played some memorable roles in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire. You might also recall Williams memorable roles in 12 Years Of Slave and Assassin’s Creed. Williams saw took a huge turn in his life on a road to positivity into entertainment after a bar brawl which left him with a memorable scar- which all most took his life.

It was the late Tupac Shakur who discovered Williams’ potential as a actor as he gave him a shot in his 1996 movie Bullet. Williams is survived by his adult son, Elijah Anderson. Williams was good at keeping his son out of the spotlight, so much is not known about his son.

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