A Fan Asked Kylie If All She Does Is Play Dress-Up All Day And She Responds

Kylie Jenner

No one believes the Kardashian or their offspring doing any work to scrape in all the millions they have attained. The hardest work put in by a member of the Kardashian appears to be Kim Kardashian to date who rose to fame with a sex tape with former boyfriend, rnb singer Ray J.

As Kim shot to stardom, all the Kardashians along with the Jenners enjoyed riding the waves to easy fortune. Kylie Jenner has displayed herself to be the most creative and talented, which launched her to billionaire status. Kylie Cosmetics saw the 22 years old being the youngest billionaire to date.

With so much money to her name, Kylie was able to afford a $15 million dollar property recently. Still though, being one of the offspring of the Kardashian clan, Kylie just cannot escape the thought by many that she is just like her sisters. Doing nothing all day. Contributing nothing to society other than dressing up, and showing off their material things. One person who clearly follows Kylie closely, couldn’t help but send her a message saying:

“Does ¬†@KylieJenner¬†just play dress up around her house?”

Kylie responded to the question of her essentially being called lazy, and being lucky to fall into wealth responded in saying:

Kylie Jenner