“Black Inc Crew:” Van Apologizes To Charmaine For Playing Along With Las Vegas Rumors

Charmaine and Van from Black Inc Crew Chicago talk it out

It’s a situation that so often happens more than you. A man going around saying he had sex with a woman that is flat out a lie. But, the only persons that really know the truth is the “victim,” and the person making or comforting those claims. Claims of intimacy with someone can destroy marriages and relationships. Van Johnson knowing this did nothing to squash rumors being created about he and Charmaine having sex in a Las Vegas hotel room. Naturally, the situation affected Charmaine emotionally.

Charmaine crying from van revelation

The rumor created was that Charmaine provided oral sex on Van. Van heard the rumors, but refused to shut down the gossips. Charmaine as expected one to be in such a situation was pissed. One, the rumor being created and then having Van playing along as if something indeed happened between them. What made things worse is, Van and Charmaine were friends. When question came up on who started the rumor, one cast mate said:

Van told Don, and Don told production. That’s what happened.

Van explaining why he has now decided to apologize to Charmaine so late after the situation gave this as his reason:

When this rumor spread, it just tore everybody apart. I know that Charmaine is going through a hell of a lot, and I am more compassionate with about what she is actually dealing with in real life, which is her pregnancy. And, most importantly, she lost her mother. So, its been weighing heavily on my mind just to put this sh*t behind me and put it to rest.

Van told to Charmaine what she already knew, but what the world needed hear, saying to Charmaine:

Me and you know that nothing happened between me and you on a sexual level.

Charmaine responded with saying:

I already know that, and I don’t want to go backwards and continue to bring this up.

Van goes into explaining how to rumors came to blossom telling Charmaine:

When we were in Vegas, I talked to Don that morning. When I was talking to Don I just didn’t deny what the f**k he was saying. But, what I should have been a man about is stood up and said that sh*t did not happen Don. Why the f**k you lying

Van went on to say that he does blame Don for telling the world that Charmaine gave him oral as it was all a lie. Van admitted he has not spoke to Don ever since, but looks forward to confronting him on creating the rumor.

After Van’s apology, an emotional Charmaine responded in saying:

That’s all that I wanted. I just felt extremely attacked. However, the rumor started and whatever the case was. I’ve had to deal with a lot of pain.

Van passionate about his apology said:

Charmaine, I swear to God if I can go back and take that incident back, I would. But just know that I am sorry for whatever came out on my end, I would hope for forgiveness if not now then someday in the future.

Charmaine responds:

Why would I forgive Van. Why would I forgive someone who went out of their way to spread a rumor like that. And its not even just about Van…its about all the guys involved.

Charmaine’s mom once said, when you are friends with somebody…you deal with the bitter and the sweet. But is cuddling rumors about that a friend the red line?


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