Ceaser Finally Delivers A Blow To Ryan For Trying To Play Him


It’s hear, the confrontation between Ryan and Ceaser. And, all because of a woman at the middle of it all. Kitty who was involved with Ceaser on some level ended up jumping ship to the other side. She went over to the competition, Black Ink Chicago, operated by Ryan. What is boggling is that with all the men in the world, why did Kitty position herself close to someone as Ryan.

The rumors began swirling non-stop of Kitty giving up her cookie to Ryan. The close hanging out with the Black Ink Chicago boss appeared to many like Ryan and Kitty were an item. Even I became convince.

If you know anything about Ryan, he is not one to come off as investing his time in a female all based on friendship. Especially since being single. Ceaser became ticked off when videos were anonymously being sent to him of Ryan clowning him- and Kitty grinning from ear to hear. It was enough for Ceaser to react. New York based Black Ink boss looked to disrupt Ryan’s operation by reminding him who showed him the game.

Ryan still defiant to the end appears to see himself as innocent, as he often does. The debacle looks like it will be one of the biggest fight Ryan has entered- which may just derail his business. Shocked, Ceaser questioned Ryan why he would behave so badly for a woman.

Do you believe Kitty slept with Ryan ?