Marcus & Brooke From “Love & Hip Hop” Had A Baby

Marcus and Brooke of Love & Hip Hop new baby

Yes, Brooke and Marcus bread a baby together. There are a variety of choices in women men can choose in who they want to be with. It looks like Marcus has chosen his type of woman, a crazy one that is Brooke Valentine from Love & Hip Hop. Shockingly, the woman Marcus acknowledge as crazy on one episode as crazy on Love & Hip Hop is the woman he choose to get pregnant. On his new born, Marcus unexpectedly jumped online to share his joy with the world. From The Jasmine Brand:

“What do you get a woman who only wants privacy and chic-fil-a ? ???
I went back and forth all day on whether or not I was gon post this but I mean… it’s Mother’s Day babe. I just can’t let the day end without publicly thanking you for our princess, I thank God for you and I’m excited about this new journey.

Through all the ups and downs, high risk appointments, hospital stays and life’s uncertainties you stayed solid. You’ve always been ten toes down. I never had to question where you stood in my life. My plan is to multiply your investment in my purpose. I love you without conditions my n***a… Happy Mother’s Day”

It’s quite interesting that Marcus says he never had to question where Brooke’s position stood in his life. We have seen him question her role in his life on Love & Hip Hop more than once. We have seen him check her crazy behavior, and any man or person seeing this would question on if that person is correct for their life or not. Don’t worry…we have already started the clock on when for the next fight or break-up of these two.