NeNe Leakes Not Fired From RHOA Says Bravo Spokesperson And Manager


The reports of NeNe Leakes’ firing from RHOA is a lie if according to a Bravo spokesperson. It was just days ago we reported on NeNe reportedly being fired from RHOA as claimed by lovebscott stating to have heard from sources. However, not only now is there a Bravo spokesperson stating false to NeNe’s firing from the hit reality show- NeNe’s manager is also saying that she was not fired from RHOA.

Manager’s will often say things to make their client look good, but it is pretty significant when a spokesperson for the network carrying RHOA knocks down reports of NeNe being fired. On the claims of NeNe being fired- the spokesperson from Bravo said this:

“There is no truth to this story. Nene was not fired and conversations for the next season are still ongoing.”

NeNe’s manager, Steven Grossman also came out addressing the reports that the reality star was fired saying:

“It is absolutely not true that Nene has been fired from RHOA. Furthermore, it was made abundantly clear prior that she will always be welcome on the series as long as she wants to be.”

As the reports blew across the internet of the reality star’s firing from RHOA- NeNe quickly appeared to be addressing her reported firing with this tweet:

Nene tweet