Nene Leakes Confronted By Crazy Woman Looking For Attention

Nene Leakes confronted by woman at the airport

It’s as if no one exist anymore with self respect. Nene Leakes was “confronted” by a crazy woman looking to punch her application to be a reality t.v. star. The unknown appearing peasant walked up to Nene approaching her with rudeness, but then accuses the star in the being the one that was disrespectful to for approaching her. The immaturity is at its best for someone looking to create a spotlight for herself.

The woman jumped on the social tube talking about how Nene was rude, saying she had an heated exchange with the reality show star who was all into herself. Turns out though that everything the unknown woman said was about Nene being rude, essentially saying fame has gone to her head is a lie. The pronto rehearsal in punching her slip to have her own realty t.v. show has failed.

A camera was recording when the woman walked up to Nene spouting nonsense from her mouth that didn’t make sense. Looks like she totally forgot that in our world today there are video cameras rolling everywhere to provide the truth, and her lies were caught as a result. Check out the interaction from StraightfromtheA

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