Reports: Nene Leakes Fired From “Real Housewives Of Atlanta”

Nene Leakes

Nene Leakes firing from Real Housewives Of Atlanta is no longer a rumor if sources are still solid. Nene who stood as the longest standing cast member of the reality show was terminated. According to lovebscott, Nene was not offered a contract to return to RHOA. This is just the same as being fired. She is no longer wanted as part of the cast.

According to Sandra Rose, Nene is the co-creator of RHOA. This not so known news would only serve as even more embarrassment that Nene was fired from her own creation. Why did she not work behind scenes after the show took off instead of in before the cameras. Surprisingly, the drama that made RHOA, and that continues to make it successful is said to have got Nene fired. Reportedly, the higher-ups believed Nene’s dramatics went too far with feuds ranging from cast-mates, producers, alleged threats of lawsuits and reportedly demanding a select few to be fired.

Nene is already being missed from RHOA. Many are saying without Nene on RHOA- they will no longer watch the show. We took some time remember moments of Nene in full feud moments. Check them out before.

Would you believe above that is years of friendship above falling apart. Watch more of Nene below going to work on others daring to come for her…