American, Georgia Woman Claiming SHe Infected Many Men With HIV As Revenge Police Find Was Lying

Good news for all those men who had sex with Brandi Yakeima Lasiter. She is not infected with HIV. Lasiter had many men scared sh*tless after she jumped on social media conducting a roll call claiming all the names of the men she infected with HIV as revenge.

Police arrested Lasited with the assistance of tips rolling in on her claims. It’s illegal, and is grounds for imprisonment to knowingly have sex with someone without disclosing this information to your partner.

After police arrested her, Lasiter told police that she doesn’t have HIV, and only made a video saying otherwise- because she was upset. Lasiter provided blood work results from 2018, and 2019 to police, and authorities say that test results showed that she does not have the HIV virus nor STD.

Lasiter doesn’t get away that easy from the law though. She was charged for harassment through the video she posted online through Facebook. In the video, Lasiter scared men leaving them to believe she infected them with HIV. She went on to say that she always gets the last laugh. Wonder how many of those men out of fear confessed to their partners that they cheated on them with Lasiter.

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