Eddie Murphy And His 10 Kids: Are 10 Kids Too Much ?

Eddie Murphy has 10 kids, and is always dealing with surprise from people in shock at the amount of kids he bread. The A list actor has 10 kids from different women. Murphy has 5 kids with Nicole Murphy. Murphy also has 1 child Paulette McNeely.

Further, he has 1 more child with Tamara Johnson. Murphy went on to having 1 child with Mel B. The latest additions to Murphy’s family tree are two kids he has with his current wife, white skin model Paige Butcher. Eddie’s kids range in age from 1 years old to 30 years old, and if you are not proud of how they all came about…he is not shying away from his creation. Murphy on a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show was asked by the t.v. show host:

Does it seem like a lot to you, or does that seem OK?

Murphy responded saying:

No, that seems OK.

Murphy went in further saying the thoughts of both men and women when they find out he has 10 kids. He says:

Men kind of look at me like, ‘He’s crazy! How much did that (expletive) cost?’ And women, it’s kind of like there’s something sexy about it I think. Eddie Murphy must be doing his thing

Thoughts ? What do you think of Murphy having 10 kids. Do you think it’s sexy as some women are saying?