Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her 50 Years Old Body With Love For Her Fiancé

Yes, that is Jennifer Lopez at 50 years old. Now, Lopez is rich, and can afford to go under the knife many times over to look younger than her age. But, we haven’t heard anything from the actress that her youthful like look is thanks to the help of a doctor’s hand.

This is not the first photo Lopez has shot up to social media showing off her figure. Makes us wonder if Lopez is looking for compliments to fulfill that cup lacking self-esteem. The singer and actress had this to say about what is important in life:

To love and be loved. That’s happiness. You all make my heart so full and I love you so much. Happy Valentines Day! Macho.

Pretty big coming from a money said to be worth more than $100 million dollars.

Alex Rodriguez responded to his fiance online saying in a message:

Happy #ValentinesDay to the woman who makes me a better person, to my champion and superstar,” he wrote. “Every day with you is a blessing and I’m so lucky. What a year it’s been already, and there’s so much more joy to come. I love you. ❤️ #Macha.

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