Kris Jenner Expresses Shocked At Her High Appetite For Her Man At 64 Years Old

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner was always a horny beast from when we remembered her with then husband Bruce Jenner now transferred to Caitlyn Jenner.  Kris at 64 years old is still saucy down there and always ready to get it on, and believes this is odd at her age.  The reality show momager has been sitting in the myth like most women in believing that as a woman gets older sex is of no interest. Kris at 64 years old is in shock within herself that she is always so horny at 64 years old.

Kris maybe in an uncommon field of women at her age, but the field is not empty. There are still many seniors with high sex drives. Kris who is now a grandma many times over at 64 years old touched on always having the desire for sex with her 39 years old boyfriend(Corey Gamble). Speaking to her friend Faye Resnick she explained:

Corey is like a walking, talking Luther Vandross song, like he is so sex always. And, all I want to do is like, cue the music.

Kris shocked of her sexual appetite continued in saying:

Corey is with someone a lot older, and I think as you get older your suppose to not be in the mood.

Resnick responded in saying:

No, thats not true.

Kris jokingly says:

Yes, it is.

Kris recognizing how fortunate she is to still get saucy down there at 64 years old said to Resnick:

Sex at my age is a beautiful thing, and my girls didn’t understand that I’m actually so lucky to still have these feelings. I feel like I should be taking advantage.

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