La La Anthony Hides The Shame In Reported Dinner Get Together With Alleged Cheating Husband, Carmelo Anthony

La La was spotted out with her NBA husband, Carmelo Anthony in Beverly Hills for some grub. This is shocking to many reports of infidelity, and then that hole yacht situation with another woman during his wife’s birthday. La La knows what the headlines will be be saying in disgust of her actions to run back to a man who allegedly has been far from faithful to her. So, she seemingly was trying to hide her shame beneath a white baseball cap. Clearly, La La was not affected as most women would from her husband spending time with another woman other than during her birthday celebration.

La La Anthony who is married to NBA player Carmelo Anthony was left looking like a fool during her birthday celebration as photos circulated of her husband on a yacht with another woman. The woman labelled Boat Bae with Carmelo began to circulate. Photos showed the woman laying on the yacht deck beside Carmelo as La La reportedly celebrated her birthday with pals.

Carmelo jumped on social media explaining to the world the woman he is seen with on the yacht was just a friend. No one believed Carmelo’s story, and it appeared that La La didn’t either. Days later she shot up an image on Instagram of an heart with a bullet piercing it. The shortly after that the part-time actress made it known through one of her representative that she is evaluating her marriage to Carmelo.

There are no facts to show Carmelo cheated other than questioning his actions. But, if my man is sitting on a yacht with a woman instead of being with me to celebrate my birthday- we have serious issues. This is one of the ultimate disrespect in a relationship. How can a woman quickly forgive this. Especially when the man has a bad track record when it comes loyalty.

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