“Men Remain Your Friends In Hopes That One Day They Will Be Able To Sleep With You,” Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey’s controversial position on why he refuses to keep female friends is at the center of a hot debate, which has his alleged past infidelities as reason for his position. The relationship guru, and married man while touching on why he doesn’t want women as friends went into detail about women who have male friends, and what the men’s real intentions are in the long run. Harvey in a recent interview said this of why men are TRULY friends with females:

We remain your friends in hopes that one day they’ll be a crack in the door, a cheek in the armor, and trust and believe that guy you think that’s just your buddy—he will slide in that crack the moment he gets the opportunity cause we’re guys.”

Harvey’s comments are no surprise. It is just the reality that men who claim to be your friends will quickly jump at your hamburger should you offer it. And, in some cases have proven to take advantage of their intoxicated female friend. But, can Harvey really pin the behavior of every man with the desire of a mission to be friends just to sleep with the women? One Twitter user responded to Harvey’s comment with this:

Imagine projecting you own issues onto your entire demographic. First, it sounds like his wife ain’t down and second, MANY PEOPLE, single and married have opposite sex friends. Not all of us want just anyone and mature people see benefits from other people beyond sex.  This guy.

Another social media watcher responding on why Harvey’s belief in that men only stay friends with females only for an open door to have sex saying:

That is because he has had several affairs and a couple divorces, lol.

Harvey in fairness doesn’t place all guys of behaving like dogs with our female friends, but his position almost eliminates all men. The comments by Harvey made years ago- which have now become viral has the comedian saying 99.9% of men want to sleep with their female friends if given the opportunity.

Thoughts? Do you think most men want to sleep with their female friends, and have you had any personal experience of this happening to you?