Reports Continue To Swirl Of Kanye Being In Gay Relationship With YouTube Star

Jeffrey Star

Jeffree Star is getting his 15 seconds of fame to anyone who didn’t know him. Kanye West who is said to be on the edge of a divorce to Kim Kardashian is already being linked to another relationship. This time the outspoken rapper is being linked to being in a relationship with a man, Jeffree Star. Star is a YouTuber, and holds many other hats such as a cosmetics founder and singer is said to be Kanye’s latest squeeze.

There is also other talks that Star is friends with Kanye. So, this maybe another case of people trying to mix some juice as their lives become more boring during COVID-19 stay at home orders. Sources close to Kanye and the Kardashians reportedly are saying that Kanye and Star being in a relationship is not true. Star tackled the reports claiming her he and Kanye is a joke.

Something right here which discredits a source saying Kanye and Star are friends. The flamboyant YouTuber also voiced his preference for tall men. Anyone who knows Kanye is aware he is a short. So, to Star’s point- Kanye’s is not his type.

Star though boasting almost 17 million subscribers didn’t fail in dropping one bombshell without naming names after Wendy Williams touched on him and Kanye in Hot Topics.


Cannot help now but wonder what rappers are moving on the DL.

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