T.I. Hymen Check On His Daughter Is Not Enough To Avoid Early Sex ; Conversation Is Key Says Dr Oz

T.I.’s ignorant approach to check on if his 18 years old daughter had her cherry popped has Doctor Oz now providing his two cents. T.I. who likes to portray himself as an encyclopedia, but was left looking stupid as he believed a torn hymen means a woman lost her virginity.

The rapper revealed to the world that he follows his 18 years old daughter to the doctor as she is checked down there to see if she is pregnant. As Dr Oz was approached by a reporter mentioning T.I. bringing his daughter to her OBYN to check her hymen on whether she had sex or not, taking an excerpt from Dr Oz’s comments- here is the importance of what he said:

You can be intimate and not have vagina sex. And, I would hope you would have other ways of being honest with each other that doesn’t require an OBYN to get involved. Just because your hymen is intact doesn’t mean definitively that you’ve not been intimate.

Doctor Oz didn’t also mentioned that it’s invasive for someone to be conducting such monitoring of ones child sexual activity. Knowing T.I.’s stubborn head in always viewing himself as correct- we cannot see him backing down in seeing his wrong. T.I.’s son, King reportedly began having sex at the age of approximately 13 years old. We wonder…is there a double standard in the Harris house-hold ?