T.V. Show Host Adrienne Bailon Says A Cheater Can Change In Being Loyal

Adrienne Bailon on cheating

No one wants to be with a cheater, and it has long been assumed that a person that cheats will forever cheat. Don’t tell this to Adrienne Bailon. As the panel of The Real got in deep about the inconsiderate, heartless act of infidelity, Bailon revealed she was a cheater in her previous relationship of 10 years.

Bailon dishing out details of her promiscuous past at no moment displayed shame of her past behavior. Speaking her truth from her past relationship, Bailon said this before the world of her actions:

I have absolutely have cheated in a past relationship with my first boyfriend, who I was with for like 10 years. My first boyfriend wasn’t when I was 3. I was already in my 20s. I knew what I was doing. I was aware of the decision I was making, and that’s how I view it. Every day, you choose to make decisions, and you can also choose not to make those same decisions again.

Not mincing words, Bailon sees hope for a cheater in saying:

I absolutely believe a cheater can change because I believe that I have changed. I’ve changed so much. I mean even if you watch from the first season of The Real to now I’ve changed who I am as a person. And, I have the right to evolve.

Asked on how many times she has cheated in her past relationship, Bailon didn’t give an exact number only saying:

In that relationship I was reckless.  I was so reckless. I was with the same guy from 15-25.

Bailon with a smile on her face while animated at the same time said she cheated because she wanted to see what was out there. Notice that Bailon could not place a number on the amount of times she cheated when asked. This is concerning if you ask us. This would mean to one that Bailon has cheated more times than the fingers she has. Do you think a cheater can change in becoming a loyal person ?