The Sun Apologizes For Creating And Layering Up Juice About Chris Brown And Adele Meeting Up Late At Night

The Sun apparently was so high off of gossip juice that instead of reporting the deeds they created their own deed about two people, and reported it as such. In this case the two people The Sun reported on seemingly suggesting they were getting it on was Adele and Chris Brown. The Sun gave a snip of their false reporting with an apology saying:

On 11 and 12 October we reported that Chris Brown paid a late night visit to Adele at her home in London. In fact Adele has only met Chris Brown once, at the Grammy Awards, several years ago. We accept that our article was incorrect and a breach of her privacy. We have paid damages to Adele and we apologise to her for the distress we have caused her.

It’s amazing really. The Sun would have been better off just calling Chris to ask what they want to know…because even with evidence a Chris Brown and Adele hook-up would not be believable.


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