Tupac Proposed To Jada Smith Says The Socialite’s Son, Jaden

Jaden Smith

If Jada Smith and Tupac were JUST friends as Jada repeatedly has said then why did Tupac propose to her? Jada long said there was no romance between her and Tupac.

Will Smith believed this, because he repeated this on The Breakfast Club where he spoke of his intimidation of Tupac, and his wife possibly falling for the rapper back then. Straight from her son’s mouth, a newly surfaced video of Jaden saying Tupac proposed to Jada speaks differently. Jaden in an interview with Big Boy couldn’t understand how deeply rooted his parents are in hip hop. Reflecting on the situation, he sees a photo reminding him of Tupac and said this:

“I’m looking at this picture right here of Tupac on the shirt right there, and Tupac asked to marry my mom,” Smith continued. “And she was like: ‘Pac, we’re best friends.’”

See the video below…

Oh, God. Something appears to being hidden here. A friend doesn’t just  propose to another friend like that unless the person is mental. And, Tupac was many things, but not one we could have called mental. So, what was or is being hidden from us ?

How many times is this family going to embarrass Will. Imagine being with a woman and every time she keeps reminding you of a guy that was great, and the kids who never knew the man is reflecting of the guy’s influence and power. No wonder why Will ran to India to clear his mind. Seemed like Tupac and Jada had some intimacy going on that lead Tupac to propose to her.

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