Wendy Williams Has Moved Onto A New Man

Can a woman really be ready to settle with another man a few months later after being married for 20 plus years ? It’s a serious question, because I think not. Is the heart not hurt requiring time to heal along with your mind requiring time to re-wire in refocusing on yourself now. Wendy Williams says she is no longer single after just a few months of separating from her husband of 22 years.

I know I’m on the market. Well, I am not on the market anymore. I’m not in love. I’m not. responding to the audience asking her how she doin, Wendy responds in saying…I know how I am doing. I know don’t know. I don’t know how I am doing. Look, I am not in love but there is somebody that I’m crazy about.

Wendy surprisingly gave her audience some serious scoop on her new man. She poured out the juice nice and slow telling her audience that her new man is in his 50’s, and has kids in their 20’s. She even went so far in saying the man’s profession, stating that he is a doctor.

Many thought Wendy went off the rails seemingly with his sights focused on a 20 something year old. That could have all been a diversion to take focus off her 50 year old man, and her building connection to him. Despite her being so happy, still- the question must be asked…Is it too soon for Wendy to be jumping to another man ?