Professor Wishes Queen An Excruciating Death

University Professor

Is it okay that a professor jumping on Twitter wishing the Queen an excruciating death, and as a result having her thoughts be taken down by Twitter correct? Carnegie Mellon University associate professor Uju Anya clearly did not adore the queen, but should her thoughts be silenced by Twitter? As the news circulated that the 96 year old Monarch was dying, Anya wrote on Twitter:

I heard the chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire is finally dying. May her pain be excruciating.

And in her distasteful tweet, Anya provided some insight as to why she could not stand the Queen and feel no remorse over her death. She explained:

If anyone expects me to express anything but disdain for the monarch who supervised a government that sponsored the genocide that massacred and displaced half my family and the consequences of which those alive today are still trying to overcome, you can keep wishing upon a star.

One Twitter user not agreeing with Anya never held back in cursing the university professor out on her comments, saying:

F— you and your deference to genocidal colonizers.

The Queen did have a whole lot of power to the point of declaring war without consulting parliament. She also was immune to any crimes if she did commit given her diplomatic immunity. She was considered above the law in the United Kingdom. The queen also had the power of appointing anyone she decided as prime minister no matter who the public voted for.

She however more so during her life played herself to be like your everybody person with no rights to the power of government. The strategic move of action in placing much of the powers of government in the hands of the people is believed to be how the Royal Family have stayed in power so long while many monarchs have gone to shreds. Leaving the public to believe they choose their governments. Anya wishing the Queen suffers in death came to the attention of Carnegie Mellon University. They were forced to release a statement saying:

We do not condone the offensive and objectionable messages posted by Uju Anya today on her personal social media account. Free expression is core to the mission of higher education, however, the views she shared absolutely do not represent the values of the institution, nor the standards of discourse we seek to foster.

Thoughts. What do you think of the college professor’s comments?

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