Coronavirus Prank On Flight To Jamaica

Coronavirus prank

The news of people playing with the Coronavirus is becoming more disturbing. Some air head passenger on Westjet flight to Jamaica thought it would be hilarious to scare passenger in having them believe the Coronavirus was on the plane.

The passenger playing the prank listed as an unruly guest disrupted the vacation of everyone on-board the Westjet flight. The flight to Montego Bay, Jamaica ended being diverted to Toronto, Canada.

Reportedly, the man playing the prank annoucned to the entire plane half-way through the flight that he has the Coronavirus. This sprung flight attendants into action who then gave the man a mask and gloves and place him to the back of the plane. No one thought the Coronavirus prank was humorous. One female passenger said:

I guess this guy thought it was a funny joke but it’s just really weird. We were all very frustrated, to just displace 240 people … it’s just so selfish.

The passenger upset in a delay in her vacation continued:

“We’ve lost a day of our vacation,” she lamented.

Public health officials and police met the plane upon its arrival. The man from Thornhill, Ontario was arrested and charged for mischief.

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