Adrien Broner Displays What A Sore Loser Is

adrien broner and manny pacquaio fight 2019

Take a look at a sore loser above and below in video at the 3:48 mark in that of Adrien Broner. If you have never seen the actions of a sore loser- Adrien Broner is our example to you. The 29 year old professional boxer lost to a more experienced, strategic and tactical 40 years old Manny Pacquiao. I saw the complete fight on Pay Per view, and Broner was not impressive.

Pacquiao punished Broner as if he was teaching him a lesson of ethics and manners. Broner lost by a unanimous decision. Broner felt in his heart that he won the fight. The fight was like predator versus prey. Broner the prey, and Pacquaio the predator as Pacquiao kept pressing forward on his attacks on Broner. Broner was consistent in running away as he threw jabs.

On rare occasions throughout the fight did Broner threw some connected heavy punches at Pacquaio. Pacquaio connected in many of his punches on Broner, and had the fight in control. Pacquiao was able to land enough punches on the loud mouth boxer to win the right. Broner’s speed allowed him to escape a knock-out by Pacquiao. After the fight in an interview, Broner began cursing acting like he is in the ghetto selling drugs. In the end, Broner essentially challenged a 60 year old Jim Gray to a fight. Just sad. On the uphill side, there is a possibility to a Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather rematch.