Bianca Andreescu Finally Gets Her Congrats From Drake

Canadian tennis superstar Bianca Andresscu expected a congrats from Drake when she whopped Serena Williams in a tennis match which changed her life on a global scale. When asked on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon who has she heard from in Canada after grabbing her big tennis win…Andreescu named all kinds of big shots except Drake.

Andresscu said to Fallon that Drake didn’t send her a congrats on her win, but that she was waiting for it. Just a day later, Drake sent out his congrats to Andresscu while making her know that he has been liking her post online, so basically that was his way of saying congrats. Drake sent Andresscu a

He’s like ‘Here I am 🙂 Congrats, we are all so proud of you. I’ve been liking every post with you in it, lol I thought you’d see.’

Andreescu was so giddy by the moment of Drake contacting her that she read it out aloud for the media googling all over her.