Carmelo Anthony Being Traded Again

carmelo anthony

Carmelo Anthony’s stock are not longer highly valuable, and it’s proven in his frequent trades of late. It appears no one sees Carmelo as an asset as they once did. Anthony’s stock has fallen greatly over the years. Anthony was once ranked as part of the NBA elite but clearly not anymore. A valuable NBA player is not bounced from one team to the other unless he request a trade. Reports are that the Chicago Bulls will be the next team to receive Carmelo Anthony.

34 year old Anthony’s career is coming to an end with no NBA championship rings. This is the last thing the dwindling NBA star at this point in his career desires. Anthony is attached to the nasty linger from November 08th where the Houston Rockets had a horrible loss. It’s evaluated that Anthony played one of the worse games of his career. Anthony’s career since his days with the New York Knicks has been sad. Right now Anthony is like an old car nobody wants- but will use for a while until a better replacement can be found.

They say personal relationships can affect a professional athletes performance. Could it be that Carmelo is having problems at home or is it that he is just not as good as we all thought ?