Carmelo Anthony Is Back In The NBA; Signed With Portland Trailblazers

Carmelo Anthony(Melo) is back in the NBA. This time the 35 years old has been signed to the Portland Trailblazers. This makes for the 4th team Melo is joining during the course of his NBA career. The rumor mill began spinning after his release by the Houston Rockets that no team has interest in signing Melo. Leaving the speculation that he has been black-balled by the league. The reality is- Melo doesn’t know how to carry a team to victory. Sure, he is a great scorer. Entertaining to watch, but fans, organizations and coaches need more than just a play with small burst of momentum.

Seemingly it took years for NBA coaches to realize that Melo would never carry any team he is on to victory. Some began looking at Melo’s whopping salary as not being up to par with the demands required of him on the court. That is winning when needed. Melo is not a threat on the court like a Kobe with seconds winding down and a shot is needed to carry the team to victory. Melo is known for fumbling the ball and or missing that important shot.

The former NBA starter is now left warming up the bench before he enters the floor. There are cheers from some of Melo’s NBA opponents on his return to the NBA. But, it is not clear what the cheers are for. The deal Melo signed with the Portland is disrespectful for veteran as him. The 10 time NBA all star’s deal with the Blazers is a non-guaranteed one. From CBS Sports:

Because Anthony’s deal is non-guaranteed, it presents limited risk for the Blazers, who are clearly not happy with the way they’ve started the season. We saw the Lakers sign Dwight Howard to a similar deal before the season, and that has worked out well for both parties thus far. We’ll see if the marriage is as happy between Anthony and Portland, but if not, they can part ways with little economic impact on the Blazers.