Caught On Camera: WNBA Players Brawl It Out

WNBA players brawl

It wasn’t on the professional court, so all professionalism was out the door as several women of the WNBA got into a brawl like they were auditioning for their professional basketball careers. According to gossip website TMZ:

Shockingly, Williams is said to have posted the above video to social media. It’s unheard of that a celebrity post video of themselves getting into a brawl with others. The obvious reasons are there as to why one would not post a video of them getting into a fight with others.

There is the legal mess. Disciplinary actions which may roll out and then comes public scrutiny. Looks like Williams was not getting that attention she seemingly needed so bad from the public. She allegedly ultimately took down the video, but the damage safe to say is already done.