Cleveland Brown’s Myles Garrett Suspended For Entire Season For Helmet Hit

That NFL helmet hit which had many in shock sees decisions being handed down. The league was swift in taking action. The NFL has decided to suspended Cleveland Brown’s Myles Garrett(23 years old) who ripped off the helmet of his opponent, Mason Rudolph hitting him over the head with it. A scuffle between Rudolph and Garrett took place after Rudolph took exception to Garrett’s tackle on him.

Rudolph could be seen trying to take off Garrett’s helmet during their scuffle on the ground. Garrett beat Rudolph to the punch by ripping his helmet off his head first, and developing some space to take a swing at Rudolph’s head. Garrett connected and did hit Rudolph in the head. This is when all hell broke loose, and Rudolph’s Pittsburgh Steelers’ teammates went charging after Garrett.

Maurkice Pouncey(30 years old) stood out as the main attacker for the Steelers in going after Garrett. Pouncey flew into a rage over Garrett’s helmet attack on his quarter-back, and threw more than several punches at Garrett. Pouncey followed that up with several kicks to Garrett’s head as he fell to the ground.

Despite his actions being in self defense of his teammate- Pouncey was suspended by the NFL  for three games. He is appealing the decision. As for Garrett- he will have a whole year to think about his actions. The NFL has suspended Garrett for the entire season. Garrett after the game admitted his helmet attack on Rudolph was a foolish on his part.

Both the Pittsburg Steelers and Cleveland Brown were fined $250,000 for both teams role in the brawl. Garrett should feel fortunate to not have to live with death of an innocent person on his conscious. He could have killed Rudolph with one blow to the head with the helmet.