Conor McGregor Trash Talking The Hell Out Of Dustin Poirier

McGregor and Poirier

UFC fighter Conor McGregor can make that mouth turn to motor when it comes to trash talking. If there where title belts for trash talking, it would be extremely difficult to top McGregor. Luckily for Dustin Poirier he just has to get in that Octagon on Saturday and knock McGregor out.

He did it once back in January. He just has to do it again in shutting McGregor up and possibly retiring him from UFC. Who would McGregor now fight if he cannot get pass Poirier. He has long been asking for a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov who has beaten Poirier(below). How can McGregor step to Nurmagomedov if he cannot get pass Poirier. We got to give it to McGregor. He trashed talked the hell out of Poirier in a press conference just days before their Saturday bout.

Poirier more on the respectful side never said much trash to McGregor at all. Even after the outspoken called him a b*tch, Poirier didn’t have any harsh words for McGregor. McGregor went so far in telling Poirier that his wife is his husband. McGregor says that Poirier’s win against him back in January was a fluke win, and mentions that he will correct this mistake. The fight on Saturday is expected to bring out the A-list stars of Hollywood. Private jets are set to pack the airports in the dozens in Las Vegas on Saturday.

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