Dana White: “McGregor Has Arthritis In His Ankles”


So, it looks like Conor McGregor was telling the truth when he said Dustin Poirier didn’t check one or several of his leg kicks- which resulted in McGregor’s leg breaking later in their bout. Poirier riding high on cloud nine during an interview after his win against McGregor due to doctor’s stoppage of the match upon McGregor breaking his leg saw himself as the result of McGregor’s demise in the Octagon. Poirier claims he heard a snap in McGregor’s leg as he check one of his kicks.

Turns out though that McGregor was bleeding truth from the heart when he said that’s not why his leg broke. News coming forward displays that McGregor entered the Octagon with a known leg injury. Even UFC’s president Dana White knew about McGregor’s ankle injury prior to him enter UFC 264. White said:

“(McGregor) has had ankle issues for (the) last couple of years,” White said. “He had asked if he could tape his ankles coming into this fight and he got clearance to do it from the Nevada State Athletic Commission and then he opted not to tape them. I don’t know why. He has chronic arthritis in his ankles.”

White being logical said:

“It’s going to take him a year to recover from this one before he can come back, so I don’t know. We’ll see. The fight game is a tough game and the kid has cemented a massive legacy for himself and made a lot of money. We’ll see how the rest of his career plays out.”

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